Startups came out in force on Saturday, November 18, to compete in the UTSC Startup Competition 2018, vying for a share of the $20,000 up for grabs. Each of the startups presented a 4-minute pitch (publicly) and a 12-minute pitch (behind closed doors).

A wide variety of disciplines and interests were represented, including Drama, Management, Computer Science, Philosophy, and Neuroscience.

The top three winners were:

1. JungleRocket – a company that drops ships based on a secret sauce of analytics to leverage online sales via Amazon; $4,000.

2. Eastbound Comedy Theatre – a company that provides improv theatre to high schools and corporations, and is looking for a happy home in the eastern GTA for its venue; $4,000.

3. QwikCommerce – an import/export business focusing on Canada and South America with a particular specialty in high end leather fashion; $4,000.

We are very proud of this round of winners and applaud them in their efforts to create profitable, thriving startups. Please join me in celebrating their efforts.