Amy Olah, Executive Director at CIBC Innovation Banking, has been elected to The Upside Foundation’s Board of Directors. As a Board Director, Amy will be an ambassador for embedding a culture of social responsibility in early-stage companies across the country.

Rob Antoniades, Chair of The Upside Foundation Board of Directors, says, “We are thrilled to have Amy join our Board.  Amy has a long-standing reputation as a strong supporter of the Canadian tech community, and is passionate about our work.  We are very happy to have her as our ambassador in the community.”

“I strongly believe in The Upside Foundation’s mission. I would love to see all up and coming tech companies pledging to share their upside and give back to the community, and look forward to working with The Upside Foundation to help many more founders do so,” shared the newly elected Director, Amy Olah.

In her current role, Amy provides growth capital financing to a variety of technology companies in Canada and the United States via the CIBC Innovation Banking platform. She helps startups grow to scale, extend their runway, and be nimble in this highly competitive landscape. Amy began her career at Wellington Financial LLP in 2000 in business development, and has been associated with the firm since the inception of its first fund. Wellington Financial successfully deployed its fifth fund of $300M before it and its entire technology portfolio were acquired by CIBC in early 2018.

“I want to thank the Upside Foundation for their vote of confidence. I believe in the importance of giving back to the community, and honoured to take on this new challenge”, said Amy. “Donating funds to charity can be difficult for startup companies but by donating equity, the pressure is alleviated. This is a win-win scenario for the company who is serious about giving back to the community and for The Upside Foundation who is dedicated to funding charities.”

The Upside Foundation of Canada brings the Canadian tech & innovation community together to do good. The Upside Foundation enables early-stage, high-growth companies to share their future financial upside with charities; ensuring that today’s successful companies can pay it forward and lay the infrastructure for Canada’s prosperous future. Over 200 companies have pledged to donate stock options or warrants, which, upon a successful liquidity event, convert to a donation to the charity of their choice. Companies pledge with Upside when they are looking for a simple way to make an impact, build giving back into their company brand and culture, and connect with the Upside community of leading founders, investors and partners.

Take the pledge, send an inquiry, or book a call to learn more today.  We hope you’ll join us to make an impact!