We are very excited to share that Borrowell is the latest company to share their future financial upside. Founders Andrew Graham and Eva Wong recently made the pledge to donate a portion of proceeds from a future liquidity event to the Upside Foundation, where donations will be made to the charity(s) of their choice.

Co-Founder & CEO Andrew says:

“Like many founders, I’m passionate about making a difference in the world – ultimately this is what we try to do every day at Borrowell. Pledging to give through the Upside Foundation is also about making a difference, by helping great charities to grow and tackle tough challenges. I’m proud to be part of a community of founders making this pledge.”

Many startup founders want to change the world by founding a business that makes a difference. But giving back gets put on the back burner as they focus on growing their business first. The Upside Foundation enables founders to commit to give back to the charities of their choice by donating equity instead of cash. Borrowell joins over 200 Canadian companies, including Wealthsimple, Hopper, Wattpad, and Hubba, to build social responsibility into their brand & culture, and join a thriving community of like-minded founders from across the country.

Co-founder & COO Eva Wong says:

“I’ve always been passionate about using what I have to try to make things better for others, whether it’s through my work or giving back –  I worked for a charity for five years before I co-founded Borrowell. It’s important to me that our company has a positive impact even beyond the products we provide, like making Borrowell a great place to work for a diverse range of people. I’m very supportive of charitable giving and pledging to the Upside Foundation was a no-brainer.”

Any additional members who pledge to share their upside in July will have the opportunity to join Eva and Andrew for dinner in Toronto: an official ‘Welcome to the Upside!’ Sign the pledge form by Wednesday, July 31 and join us for dinner.

Jen Couldrey, Executive Director of The Upside Foundation, says, 

“Our mission is to embed giving back into the Canadian tech ecosystem. We are thrilled to have one of the top scaling companies in Canada join us in pledging to share their uspide. We are certain that Andrew and Eva’s commitment will make a huge positive impact for Canada: both in terms of the donations they are able to make down the road, as well as in inspiring other founders to give back.”