Fireside Conference is a two-day startup conference that takes place at Camp Walden- where hundreds of innovators, investors and tech-lovers gather for an overnight summer camp experience intertwined with a tech conference.

It is also a space where the best kind of people come together to make a huge difference for their communities.  At this year’s Fireside Conference on Sep 8-10, $24,000 was raised for the StopGap Foundation– and eleven companies pledged on the spot to give back to their communities with the Upside Foundation (+2 after returning to the city and checking with their co-founders!).  With $24,000 committed today, and 13 pledges worth potentially hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, the people at Fireside Conference certainly showed their generous and kind spirits!

To give a sense for all that happens at Fireside Conference…


Speaker talks take place by the lake…in beautiful outdoor amphitheatres…in front of a fire…


There is plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful camp setting…


There are fascinating topics discussed, from blockchain to the cannabis industry to diversity & inclusion…


Most importantly, lots of opportunities to connect with great people in the community and build deep relationships…

File_004 (2)

And of course, lots of fun to be had throughout the weekend (including one very rocking, very talent-full talent show)


Looking forward to more adventures, learning, relationship-building and making an impact next year!