On August 18, startup founders gathered in Toronto to do something usually reserved for kindergarten classrooms: Show & Tell.

The Upside Foundation hosted a Donor Breakfast to honour our founders who have donated equity to charity, fostering collaboration and dialogue amongst the group.

The event took place at Hubba’s office, where coffee and bagels were served.  Thanks to Ben Zifkin and the team at Hubba for hosting!

HubbaThe group included founders from Empty Cubicle, Hubba, Kahuso, Lurniture, MeetVibe, Organimi, Shoelace, WhereGo, and WIRL, Upside Foundation Board Members and Advisors, among other supporters and soon-to-be-announced donors.

For ‘Show & Tell’, everyone shared something new and exciting they’re working on as well as the greatest challenge they’re facing. We learned about companies’ efforts to grow and scale, and founders’ transitions to focus on company culture.  We learned about individual struggles to juggle conflicting priorities, and industry efforts to grow communities.  We learned that the most sought-after position right now is that of ‘marketing ninja’ (side note: if you know anyone who fits this description, send them our way!).

The energy in the room was palpable, as Founders bonded over shared experiences, solicited advice from fellow entrepreneurs and industry leaders, sought input on funding strategies from the VCs in the room, and reconnected with old friends.

Congratulations to the Founders who have recently made their donation official: Michael Carter from Kahuso, David Bloom from Lurniture, Mircea Baldean from MeetVibe, Eric Apps from Organimi, and Jay Tan from WhereGo.

Donors who made their donations official recently“Being part of the Upside Foundation gives you access to an exclusive club.  As a founder, this is extremely valuable as you grow your business.  Events like this help us feel like we’re part of a supportive community.” – Ben Zifkin

We look forward to capitalizing on the energy and momentum in the room with more events and opportunities for ongoing collaboration.  Stay tuned for upcoming announcements!

Thank you all for ‘Sharing Your Upside’!

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