Convenience is the mother of productivity, and in the entrepreneurial world that could mean making anything easier, more livable, efficient, or really any adjective that fits your definition of ‘better’. Since we’re always looking for new ways to make our lives better, these six startups could help us do just that.

Bartesian mixology system


Bartesian is the ultimate mixology system, allowing you to create fancy cocktails drinks like cosmopolitans and margaritas without the effort. Their ‘capsules’ include all the juice and flavours – you just need to add the alcohol. Each drink is customizable to size and strength. Pre-order your own Bartesian, with expected delivery beginning Spring 2018.



If you’ve ever known the struggle of not having a car, you will love ShiftRide. The carsharing app allows you to rent cars nearby for as little as ten minutes, so long as you return the vehicle to the same place afterward. Have your own vehicle? Rent it with ShiftRide and make extra money when you’re not using it. ShiftRide is currently available in Waterloo, and you can sign up on their website.

Chillabit logo


Chillabit is a social platform for university students to meet new people, socialize, and share hilarious stories. Their app is for university students only, and connects you with your specific university community. Get the app (available for both iOS and Android) and see what the hype is about.

Suncayr SPOT


Suncayr has created SPOTS – stickers that will change colour when your sunscreen needs to be reapplied. Suncayr can help protect you and your family from sun damage. Founder Andrew Martinko originally started the company because of a family history of skin cancer. Sign up for their mailing list to learn when they launch.

WillowCup latte

                                                                                          Willow Cup’s sustainable, plant-based milk looks, tastes and acts like cow’s milk. You can whip it, drink it, use it in baking, or do anything you want with it. They’ve even created non-dairy based lattes that taste pretty darn good. To learn more about Willow Cup milk, follow them on Twitter.

HedgeHog Umbrella


Hedgehog has developed an umbrella so indestructible that you will never have to buy an umbrella again. Their industrial design is meant to withstand the meanest of weather and is customizable to match any mood or personality. Jay Shah, the Director of Velocity, was actually the first Canadian backer of their Kickstarter campaign, and was one of the first to receive their finished product! Shop umbrellas here.