Gaming is increasingly shifting to mobile platforms and Gamelynx has now raised $1.2 million USD in funding to create fast-paced competitive e-sports games for mobile devices. Y Combinator, Riot Games, Skycatcher Fund, and M Ventures are among the company’s main investors.

Most serous gamers are still drawn to PC and game consoles due to the limitations of mobile devices, yet mobile games make up half of the worlds gaming market because most people own a smartphone. How to do you convince people that they will get the same experience from their phone as their PC or game console? Alexander Mistakidis and Carter Minshull are breaking new ground in the mobile gaming industry as they develop the kinds of competitive mobile games traditional gamers love, but for mobile.

Gamelynx began their startup journey in the Velocity Residence several years ago. During his last year of studies in Computer Science at the University of Waterloo, Alexander lived in the Velocity Residence. From the residence, he and Carter launched Gamelynx, having previously met at Hack the North, Canada’s biggest hackathon. Both founders had a mutual love of entrepreneurship and gaming; Alexander gained experience as a developer for League of Legends at Riot Games, and Carter is a published physicist specializing in quantum cryptography hacking, with a passion for gaming.

At the Velocity Fund $5K Qualifiers in 2017, they pitched their original idea of playing board games from a mobile app and won $5,000 in funding to develop the idea further. Next, the team moved into the Velocity Garage to continue developing their business before winning $25,000 in funding later that year at the Velocity Fund Finals. The team would later attend Y Combinator, where they shifted their focus to developing competitive mobile e-sport games. Many people have tried to build a mobile competitive multiplayer game, but few have made a game that was differentiated from games that were ported over PC and console. Alexander and Carter plan to merge both of these ideas into one and create a new innovative genre of game, the first of which they plan to launch later this year.

“We’re marrying technology with applied psychology to design a new combination of gameplay and watching experience.”
– Alexander Mistakidis, CEO of Gamelynx.