All foodies and fresh obsessed home growers rejoice! The fully automated, and app-controlled growing system, Grobo, is now available for pre-orders! The Grobo is a sleek unit that grows your plants for you and puts you in control of what you consume by minimizing the time, space and knowledge required to grow high quality food and medicine at home, all year-long.

Inspired by a personal love of gardening, Grobo’s CEO & Co-founder Bjorn Dawson was never scared of starting his own venture. “Everyone in my family is an entrepreneur, so I always knew I wanted to start my own company.” With entrepreneurship in his blood, and a background in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Waterloo, Dawson built his own DIY growing system, and interest from his family and friends made him realize there was a market for a product to grow better quality produce and medicine.

“When I started to garden, I fell in love with how good the food tasted. It has so much flavour and is more nutritious than anything you can buy from the grocery store. Your food ripens on the vine and there are great environmental benefits as well.” – Bjorn Dawson, CEO & Co-founder of Grobo

Bjorn and the Grobo team have been growing their company for the last two and a half years, and along the way won $25,000 from the Velocity Fund , as well as recently participated in Creative Destruction Lab in Toronto, and HAX in China. In January of this year, the team decided to pivot and redesign their product when they realized customers who were also interested in their product were medicinal cannabis patients. They began in HAX this January, and spent 4 months redesigning everything using the mentorship provided. This was no small feat, especially when Bjorn and fellow Co-founder Chris Thiele were simultaneously completing their final term of Engineering degrees from UWaterloo.

Upon their return to Waterloo Region, the Grobo team built an 8 ft. tent in the Velocity Garage and have been busy testing, developing their product, preparing for their launch, and raising investment. “We’re about to build many more units to continue testing. Plants take about 2 months to grow, so we need a lot of plants growing simultaneously to make sure we get units out as fast as possible”. In the long term, Grobo hopes to finalize their manufacturers to meet their goal of shipping units early next year.

With the company shifting focus to medicinal cannabis patients, the Grobo team is attentively awaiting the upcoming legislation changes in regards to patients’ access to their medicinal cannabis.

“The Harper government tried to make it so only licensed producers could create the medication, limiting patients’ access. However, within the next two weeks we will know what that looks like in terms of a framework. We’re excited to have a system that makes patients feel like they’re not doing anything wrong.”

With home-growing made simple, pre-order your Grobo now before it’s too late! Enjoy the fruits of your labour from the convenience of home, and be one of the first to experience smart indoor gardening.