You can’t manage what you don’t measure, as the old adage goes. MAJiK Systems took this to heart, creating a real-time production monitoring platform for manufacturers. What began as a fourth-year design project by Management Engineering students Mike Tatham, Adam Singer, Jared Evans, and Kamal Aman, has now grown into a Kitchener-based startup that plays a key role in helping manufacturers manage production.

MAJiK Systems‘ goal is to build tools to help manufacturers understand and improve their operations. With so many production-related variables to keep track of, seeking out data on those variables can be both time consuming and unproductive, which is the pain point MAJiK is trying to solve.

“We provide a single point-of-contact Manufacturing Execution System solution. We allow manufacturers to easily access Key Performance Indicators in their factories so they can make decisions in real time.”
– Mike Tatham, Co-founder and CEO of MAJiK Systems

Screenshot of MAJiK Systems

While they were in their 4th year at the University of Waterloo, MAJiK’s co-founders spent most of their free time on the business, working out of Mike and Adam’s living room. While their education taught them about information systems, their co-op work terms gave them the experience with process design and analysis they needed to found the business. As they were finishing their degrees, they got their friend Ben to join them as they committed to making MAJiK happen post-graduation. When they needed to hire their first co-op for September 2014, it was time for MAJiK to move out of the apartment – and the Velocity Garage was the perfect next step! Since then, the company has grown steadily and now employs 10 people, with customer implementations in over 15 factories.

Since joining Velocity, and now moving into their own office in Kitchener, MAJiK has continued to expand its offering and has entered new markets. Their mission is to continue to unlock more value for customers by providing better tools and more complete data on real-time manufacturing.

“We have each worked on both sides of this industry and understand the value and significance of improving manufacturing. This is a global market facing a technological revolution. We have seen an ever-increasing impact from our technology, and we are excited to see how much further we can take it as we hit a more global scale.”