Back to the Future gave us visions of hover-boards and flying cars, but 2018 continues to see an explosion of interest in virtual reality. Velocity’s own Babylon VR is developing websites in fully 3D environments and is reimagining how people can interact with the Internet, designing the experience with an eye to the future – where everyone has a VR headset.

Founder Jack Liu commented that redesigning the internet hasn’t always been Babylon VR’s inspiration. Originally, the company started out building virtual reality experiences for real estate firms, mainly to showcase pre-built condos. However, the technology was only accessed by a couple of big players on the market due to its high cost and risk; once realizing this, they pivoted towards making VR a more personal experience, as well as creating a lower price point for access. Now the company is currently working on a project that helps consumers to easily build their own VR websites.

“Babylon VR is very much based on my vision and personal hobbies. I am a big anime watcher, and one of my favourite anime is Sword Art Online, where it dives into the concept of players spending most of their lives in a VR world. At the same time, modern, real-life VR is coming into play. It was exciting to see how the fictional world and the real world were merging together.” –  Jack Liu, Founder of Babylon VR

When asked if he would change anything he had done in the past, Jack said he would advise his past self to learn more about the industry before diving in with a VR solution. He emphasizes that timing is everything and that it was imperative to bring VR in when the industry was ready for it. Additionally, along with timing comes acceptance of the technology – shattering a couple of common VR myths would more easily allow that acceptance to take place. According to Jack, VR connects you to people online in a more emotional way than the internet and is more affordable than people think.

“The truth is, you don’t need high-end expensive equipment to enjoy VR. For example, you can utilize a VR headset while watching movies, and you can get a quality headset for less than $200. It is like having unlimited space and putting anything you want in your own world.”

Babylon VR’s software is set to release by the middle of this year, with beta testing happening right now. We tested it out to bring you a virtual tour of the Velocity Garage! Whether you have your own VR headset or simply want to take a Google Street View-like jaunt around the space on your computer, it provides a more immersive experience. Visit Babylon VR’s website to learn more.