On Tuesday, November 27, we will host the 23rd Velocity Fund Finals. 

Attending the Velocity Fund Finals

The Finals will take place in the University of Waterloo Student Life Centre (SLC). To witness our finalists pitch their innovative startup ideas and companies, please register here. Can’t attend the event in person? We will also be live streaming the event.

Fall 2018 $5K Velocity Fund Finalists

Coming soon. Please stay tuned!

Fall 2018 $25K Velocity Fund Finalists

Coming soon. Please stay tuned!

Velocity Fund Finals Giveaway Contests

We are giving away some awesome prizes several times a week leading up to this edition of Velocity Fund Finals. Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for more details. Want more giveaways? Be sure to attend the event in-person or online.

Velocity $5K Qualifiers meets Google: Come watch $5K qualifying pitches on November 7 (Wednesday) and November 8 (Thursday) for a chance to win a Google Home Mini.

Jump In Contest: Find out where our co-op extraordinaire Rachel Hickey went for a chance to win a Velocity mug and hoodie. (Contest ends on Friday, November 9.)

Updates from the 22nd Velocity Fund Finals Winners

$25K winners   

HITCH – Updated!

Hodlbot – Coming soon!

Micromensio – Coming soon!

SheLeads – Coming soon!

$5K winners

IntelliCulture  – Coming soon!

Membio – Coming soon!

Nebula – Coming soon!

OcuBlink – Coming soon!

What are the Velocity Fund Finals?

Each year Velocity produces three pitch competition events where the Velocity Fund awards $130,000 in money to winners. There are two main competitions: 5K and 25K. In addition, there is a $10K prize for the most innovative hardware winner. You can learn more here.