Today, Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, announced the five successful Innovation Superclusters that will put Canadian Innovation on a global stage The five selected include the Ocean Supercluster (Atlantic Canada), the SCALE.AI Supercluster (Quebec), the Protein Industries Supercluster (Prairies), the Digital Technology Supercluster (British Columbia) and the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster (Ontario).

ventureLAB is incredibly proud to be a partner in the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster, and has much to offer from within our region including a large pool of tech talent, new entrepreneurs and established MNEs, and some of Canada’s leading researchers and academic institutions. By working together with our partners, we’re embarking on a revolution of innovation and collaboration.

These five superclusters will support over 300 small businesses who can draw on the expertise and scale of the larger MNEs that are anchoring each new entity. Each supercluster has also addressed gender and diversity imbalance, supporting women-led companies and under-represented groups, particularly Indigenous communities across Canada.

Five Successful Innovation Superclusters will put Canada on a Global Stage - Supercluster Announcement

Today’s announcement at Canada’s Science and Technology Museum included a panel of five leaders, one for each Supercluster, who provided an overview of the plans for their respective initiatives and how superclusters will enable innovation in their industries. The Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster will focus on connecting Canada’s tech strengths throughout Southern Ontario within the manufacturing industry.

Linda Hasenfratz, CEO of Linamar, represented the new entity formed from the Supercluster, Next Generation Manufacturing Canada on the panel. She outlined that the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster “Is not just about funding projects for companies, but also to fund projects that will make Canada a world leader.”

Five Successful Innovation Superclusters will put Canada on a Global Stage - Supercluster Announcement

The Supercluster aims to create a critical mass of innovation activity with gravity powerful enough to attract talent, technology, investment, and customers from around the world. This global outlook is imperative in ensuring that our tech talent will develop and grow within Canada, and will help manufacturers across Canada become world leaders in the application of advanced technologies. In York Region, our strengths and expertise stem around deep tech, hardware and microelectronics, and we look forward to advancing innovations in hardware to enable innovation in advanced manufacturing.

It’s Canada’s time to shine and we are incredibly proud to be part of this.


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