he Canadian Global Impact Challenge is a nation-wide challenge for all Canadians to bring forward their BIG idea to improve the standard of living of 1 Million+ Canadians over the next 3-5 years using technology.

The competition is open to all Canadians who seek to make their life-changing idea a reality, addressing Singularity University's global grand challenges including Environment, Food, Energy, Water, Education, Prosperity, Security, Health, Space, Governance and Disaster Resilience. Eligible applicants are Canadian residents over the age of 21. The winner of the challenge will receive full tuition to attend Singularity University's prestigious Graduate Studies Program (GSP). Reserved admittance into the ten-week exclusive GSP, headquartered at the NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley, is a think tank that empowers leaders to create an abundant future, using exponential technologies.

Three leading organizations have partnered to take on the mission of hosting Canadian Global Impact Challenge in 2017. ReMAP, a network of Canadian innovators working together to accelerate the commercialization of products developed in Canada for the global market, is partnering with Deloitte, a recognized leader in understanding the power of innovation to drive economic growth, and ventureLAB, a Regional Innovation Centre that has embraced the concept of exponential innovation as a key to growing globally competitive companies in Canada.

“This kind of innovation and passion is vital for building the future of Canada”, said Irene Sterian, Executive Director of ReMAP. We saw the tremendous impact the Singularity University's Global Impact Challenge has already provided previous winners in Canada by showcasing their innovations on a national stage to have their ideas recognized and to be connected with business and thought leaders from around the world through Singularity University.”

“It was a shared mission to ensure that the Global Impact Challenge continued in Canada, to provide a critical point for identifying and amplifying these creative Canadian ideas, and accelerate them onto a global stage,” said Karen Dubeau, Director of Partner Engagement for ventureLAB. “We are very proud to be part of a group of highly committed partners that want to ensure Canada continues to be recognized for the incredible wealth of talent and innovation that is part of our national character”.

“The Global Impact Challenge is a significant and challenging call for high-impact ideas that will make a difference in the lives of Canadians. We're proud to be among the partners bringing GIC back to Canada,” said Deloitte's Oren Berkovitch. “Our work has shown that collectively, we have the opportunity to improve the future prosperity of our country through the innovative spirit we share as Canadians. And specifically, we know that exponential technologies have the power to drive positive social change, so we're looking forward to hearing from Canadians about their ideas for harnessing this power.”

To learn more about the 2017 Canadian Global Impact Challenge, please visit www.canadagic.ca