Want to organize a  low cost home repair company for seniors, using high school students to help? Or is your idea more global- a way to feed the hungry in third world countries, or bring low cost dental care to those same places.

Your ideas make you a Social Entrepreneur. So, now you have a title…

What is your next step? How are you going to take your revolutionary idea to the community? Who can you call on to help you?  Can you make a living while you revolutionize the way we live, or while you help those who are marginalized?

The Markham Community Innovation Hub is the spot!

Contact the Markham Community Innovation Hub.


The Community Innovation Hub is here to support you to increase the success of your innovative idea in a social enterprise. There is a multitude of support from:

  • formal and informal workshops
  • online or in-person coaching
  • online or in-person mentoring
  • online videos, templates and other support resources

Every successful idea is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

If you have an innovative social idea, the key now is to execute that idea.  The Community Innovation Hub is here to provide the people and tools to help you make it happen. Set out below is the structure of the program (but remember that we are here to help, so this is flexible based on what works for you!).

Step 1: Application

If you have an idea and are dedicated to making it happen, we want to support you.

There is an application to complete and a 15 minute interview with a team member of the Community Innovation Hub to learn more about you. The key focus of this is to make sure that you are committed to the idea and that we can in fact help you.

Apply through the Markham Community Innovation Hub website.

Step 2: Orientation

There is a 2 hour introduction to the Hub.  This gives you the foundational information on social innovation and social enterprise, the basics of the program, the amenities that the Hub has to offer, and a networking session to meet other social innovators like you!

Step 3: Learning & Doing

Workshops (2-3 hours): Facilitated by knowledgeable and experienced professionals

  1. The TEAM-you, your backup, your paid advisors, your unpaid advisory boards, your suppliers
  2. Plan 4 Success-1 page business plan, lean canvas, full strategic and business plan
  3. Communicate-communications, marketing, sales, promotion, partnership & media
  4. Finance & Bookkeeping-software, projections, financial sourcing, financial monitoring, keeping transactions and records
  5. Operations, Legal & Administration-legal structure, legal forms, space organization, routine procedures/processes
  6. Technology-communications, computer, software, templates




This will be added to during the workshops, including videos and links.

Step 4: Coaching

Coaching will be available by request and there will be regularly scheduled hours where you can book one-on-one coaching sessions.

Step 5: Mentoring

You will be assigned your own mentor that will journey with you over 6 months.  They will be matched through the Social Mentor Network.

Step 6: Events

The HUB team, with your input and suggestions, will manage a number of community and prospect customer events including challenges, showcases, trade shows, speaker series, retail store etc.

During the summer months, the Hub will take part in the Farmers Market.  And the Hub team is also invited to participate in the Toronto Social Innovation Challenge in June 2017.


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