On Tuesday, June 27, ventureLAB’s Annual General Meeting took place for the very first time at the IBM Innovation Space – Markham Convergence Centre. It was a great opportunity for the ventureLAB team and our ecosystem to look back at our collaborative successes from 2016 and celebrate some of our fantastic entrepreneurs! We also unveiled the 2016 annual review, highlighting our journey and growth as we’ve moved into our new location and our vision for the future. Read the annual review here!

2016 ventureLAB AGM Award Winners:

Our AGM is also a time we like to recognize some of the great work that our entrepreneurs and community partners are doing. This year we had a powerhouse of startups and ecosystem leaders demonstrating the strength of our collaborative work and we couldn’t be more proud to call each of these award winners true friends of ventureLAB

Young Entrepreneur – EMERGE

EMERGE is a patient-centric mobile application which aims to reduce overcrowding in hospital emergency rooms by redistributing patients among hospitals & walk-in clinics and to provide faster access to care by sharing incoming patient information prior to their arrival. Along with tremendous support from our partner Seneca HELIX, Paulo has achieved significant growth in the past year and quite the international exposure!

Dan Mothersill – MediSeen

 The Dan Mothersill BUILD Award is named after the founder of the BUILD program and celebrates a company that has achieved measurable success within the past year. This year, the award goes to Daniel Warner from MediSeen, who looks to reinvent health care by reviving the house call as a primary point of care through their unique and seamless medical concierge platform, offering families direct access to doctors and a dozen other quality health care providers in the comfort of their own home.

Trailblazer – Dash MD

Dash MD is a mobile patient experience platform that empowers patients to take charge of their own recovery by providing them with hospital-specific and condition-specific tools and resources. Since joining ventureLAB in summer of 2015 with just an idea, they have truly trail-blazed new paths and have now managed to land pilot projects with three different hospitals. Congratulations Zach & Cory on winning this well-deserved Trailblazer Award!

Impact – SterileCare

SterileCare has developed a groundbreaking non-antibiotic antimicrobial solution which intends to improve the quality of patient care by reducing the incidence of hospital-acquired infections. They have truly made a difference through the work they do and we would like to formally recognise their achievement with our Impact Award of the year – congratulations Karen and team!

Shift Disturber – Pond Technologies

Pond Technologies has developed a proprietary platform technology that converts carbon dioxide and other pollutants into marketable algae-based products. Headquartered in Markham and a ventureLAB client since the very beginning, it’s humbling to see Pond evolve into the homegrown success they are today, ending yet another phenomenal year with a strategic partnership with SNC-Lavalin and being selected as semi-finalists for the Carbon X-Prize competition. This Shift Disturber Award goes to Steve and his team and we wish you continued success in the years to come!

Collaborator – Chris Dudley

The Collaborator Award this year goes to none other than Chris Dudley, Director of HELIX, Seneca’s entrepreneurial incubator for health and lifestyle innovation. We thank you, Chris, for being an exceptional partner over the years and for your passion & drive in making a difference within this entrepreneurial ecosystem of ours.

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