The National Communication Coaching Association (NCCA) is again partnering with York Entrepreneurship Development Institute (YEDI) and the City of Toronto to co-host a full-day professional development and networking event at Toronto City Hall.

Learn from speakers, panelists and join interactive seminars hosted by industry professionals on the topics of social media marketing, creating a genuine elevator pitch, corporate trainer tips, running a successful coaching business, and how to concisely pitch your business idea in 2 minutes with no slides, complete with professional feedback!

The key to successfully starting and growing a business is effective communications.  Come meet the coaches who can help improve your business communication skills so you can get ahead professionally.  This event is for coaches, trainers, entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Keynotes will be followed by lunch and mini-workshops hosted by known industry professionals.

More information is available at and tickets to the event are available at . Using the promo code newsletter50 results in a 50% discount on the ticket price.