After being recognized as the #1 university linked business accelerator in the world, YEDI was contacted by several Canadian and international universities who expressed interest in having YEDI programming at their respective schools. Currently, YEDI is working with 5 Canadian and a number of international universities to make this a reality in the near future.

Most notably, Russian University of Economics, which is the country’s oldest and largest economics university, created a new academic department within their university to add YEDI’s programming. The academic department of Global Finance and Small Business Development by York Entrepreneurship Development Institute (Canada),will deliver YEDI’s content to both local and international entrepreneurs. This will be the first academic department of its kind created by a university business accelerator.

This past January, YEDI successfully delivered its International Start-Up Program to 17 entrepreneurs representing 9 countries in Plekhanov University, Moscow. Participants gained valuable knowledge and connections while exploring how they may launch or expand their businesses in Canada and North America.

YEDI believes that academia has no borders and is proud to envision a future where business leaders from both Canada and Russia who complete YEDI’s programming will better understand each other and help each other flourish in a global economy.