Securing funding is a critical step on the path to success for most start-ups. Often, investors are looking to invest in companies who have achieved certain milestones – a potential challenge for many early stage ventures. This is exactly why the YEDI VC Fund was created. YEDI collaborates with private investors, angel investor groups and VCs to help client ventures to obtain the needed investment. As of 2019, YEDI has been accepted into the Canadian Venture Capital Association as a general partner – an opportunity that provides YEDI with access to additional capital and funding resources.

Most recently, The Chufa Co., a dairy and nut-free dairy product manufacturer specializing in ice-cream and Folium Labs Inc., a nutraceutical company have secured six-digit investments from YEDI’s VC Fund. Both of these ventures are taking innovative steps to improve both Canadian and eventually, international lifestyles. YEDI looks forward to watching The Chufa Co. and Folium Labs Inc. grow and to support them in their successes!