This year 9 York Small Business Enterprise Centre Summer Company students used their ideas, creativity and drive to launch their own summer businesses. These are youth who chose to become job creators with businesses ranging from natural skin care to property maintenance and environmentally sustainable wallets.

We are pleased to present 2 of these young entrepreneurs Jinal Patadia and Aiden Kirchmair.

Our investment in the Summer Company program supports a new generation of entrepreneurs with hands-on opportunities in business training, mentorship and start-up grants. Congratulations to all of this year’s participants.

Jinal Patadia

RadheKrishna Dance

Jinal Patadia has always enjoyed Bollywood dancing and business. Through the Summer Company program, Jinal combined her two greatest passions and started her own Bollywood dance school, RadheKrishna Dance, offering dance classes in group, semi-private, and private lessons.

In addition to dance lessons, Jinal also perform at engagement, wedding, birthday, and anniversary parties.

With the guidance of the Summer Company program, Jinal not only successfully started her business in her hometown of Aurora but also managed to expand and offer dance classes in Toronto, Mississauga, and Brampton in a short period of time.

The challenge of starting, running and expanding a successful business in a short span of the summer had provided some challenges for Jinal but she credits the Summer Company program for helping her develop skills in time management, business management, sales & marketing and building a network of like-minded young entrepreneurs.

“The Summer Company program has been a big help for me to develop confidence, organizational skills, and planning and management skills. In addition to this, the Summer Company program has helped me learn how to successfully complete administrative tasks, design business cards and flyers, advertise/market my business, and build a network.”


Aiden Kirchmair

3 Bro Mow

Aiden Kirchmair has always had an interest in business since at an early age. Furthermore, he comes from an entrepreneurial family and this work ethic drove Aiden to take the leap to become an entrepreneur himself this summer by starting his own business, 3 Bro Mow.

3 Bro Mow is a lawn care/landscaping business that mainly offers lawn mowing and lawn maintenance services. Other services include lawn aeration, mulching, garden weeding and interlock weeding.

Aiden, a Grade 11 student at St. Andrews College School in Aurora had two goals this summer: to be profitable and develop his sales skills. He was able to achieve both these goals and even credits the Summer Company program for giving him the opportunity to apply his sales and marketing skills in a real-life business scenario. Furthermore, he credits the program for providing access to start-up funds, business tools like Environics Envision5 and local business mentors for business guidance.

“My future aspirations are to become a lifetime business owner, probably not just 3 Bro Mow. I also want to be able to stay in touch with all of the other young entrepreneurs that I met within this program and stay in contact with them.”