When members return to Artscape Daniels Launchpad starting on July 13, they’ll notice plenty of changes to the studios. Over the past month, Creative Studio Manager, Helen Weston, and Senior Studio Technician, Equipment and Processes, Alex Wimbush have been working hard to rework and redesign functional workspaces that consider member feedback and COVID-19 physical distancing and safety measures.

In the Textiles and Fashion Studio, the cutting table had long suffered from being located in a badly lit area in the studio so members struggled reading patterns. It also took up lots of room in the entrance, which challenged physical distancing measures. Alex and Helen moved the cutting table into the main space, while replacing it with separate sewing machine stations, illuminated by task lighting and to be separated by acrylic barriers. The loom was turned around in the window space so that the weaver can work without being in close proximity to other members. The studio now also has five tall lockers available for rent for members wanting to house expensive bolts of fabric on site.

In the Fine Metals and Jewellery Studio, the jeweller’s bench and equipment have been re-oriented to allow for physical distancing. Before re-opening, the workspaces will also be protected by added acrylic barriers, so members can work in their projects with ease of mind.

Perhaps the most drastic of the Studio re-designs, the Woodworking Studio has now been expanded into what was the Digital Fabrication Studio, creating three more workstations for building furniture, cabinets or larger structures. The Digital Fabrication and Electronics Studios are now located in one quieter space–the first room you enter. In the space, Alex made benching out of discarded signage, new tool racks and shelving out of wood scraps, and installed shelving units where members could store their 3D prints. Thirty lockers were also removed from the studio to make room for more creative space and many are redistributed throughout Launchpad for member rentals.

While the changes are still a work-in-progress and we are still awaiting the installation of acrylic barriers, the Creative Studio redesign was focused solely on providing members with an improved experience.

We can’t wait to welcome the creative community back!