indiefilmTO’s winter incubation starts March 1, 2018 and runs until May 1. The art/film incubator is designed to grow and cultivate filmmakers’ talent and aims to create not just new films, but a new industry: the Silicon Valley of art.

Incubator applicants must:

  • Have made at least ONE feature OR a handful of shorts / made a bunch of projects within their field of art
  • Be ready to take action on their project NOW
  • Be willing to meet at the indiefilmTO offices at least every Thursday
  • Be willing to take criticism and suggestions on your art

indiefilmTO does not take ownership of any of the projects developed through its incubator and artists retain all rights, unless the artist chooses to make a separate deal with a distributor or investor.

Filmmakers can apply at any stage of development. Generally, indiefilmTO works with those who are very close to finishing the planning the stages/script of their project so that they're still malleable to new ideas.

About the indiefilmTO Incubator

The first month of the program is styled as a “bootcamp” where filmmakers work intensely and closely with the indiefilmTO team to put out a new “prototype version” of their film every four days. Also during this state, the incubator work along with the artists to raise funds.

The second month is called the “blitzkrieg.” Under the support of indiefilmTO, artists create their project. For example, filmmakers will film the entire feature as best they can during this month.

The third month of the program is the “breakdown” where loose ends are tied up. Distribution and marketing efforts ramp up until the last day of the program.

On the final day of the program (known as “D Day”) artists will showcase 15 minutes of their completed project to an audience of industry investors, distributors who want to lock-in a film, as well as other private investors. An industry speaker will also deliver a keynote presentation about the industry. Between and after the presentations on D Day, filmmakers, artists, and investors can mingle and talk further.

For more information or to apply, visit: