In hospitals around the world, nurses are innovating every day to ensure the best possible care for patients. To “nurse someone back to health” is an iconic saying grounded in the foundation of influence and responsibility that nurses hold to potentially change the trajectory of patient outcomes by caring for the sick when others would not, identifying smarter and better ways to heal, and developing life-saving methods.

For over 120 years, Johnson & Johnson has supported nurses, through employment, platforms , partnerships, training and millions in scholarships, helping to educate, empower and inspire those in the field. We know nurses hold the keys to many new and innovative ideas that can profoundly improve human health. Johnson & Johnson would like to expand their advocacy for the nursing profession by partnering with nurses to help bring these ideas to life.

Announcing the Johnson & Johnson Nurses Innovate QuickFire Challenge, inviting the more than 3.2 million nurses located throughout the U.S.  to submit ideas for new devices, health technologies, protocols or treatment approaches that have the power to profoundly impact patient care and human health. The nursing innovators with the best idea(s) will receive up to $100,000 in grants and access to mentoring and coaching from Johnson & Johnson, via Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS to help bring their ideas to life.   

As innovators on the frontlines of healthcare, Nurses have the power to profoundly change lives. Johnson & Johnson has the scale, resources and know-how to help move them forward. Put these two together, and that changes everything.

Learn more about nurses who innovate and Johnson & Johnson’s 120 years of commitment to nursing at .


We are looking for the best new devices, health technologies, protocols or treatment approaches that can change human health from practicing or retired nurses located within the United States.

Solutions will be evaluated by a panel of reviewers and judges on their ability to meet the following criteria:

  • Uniqueness of the idea
  • Potential impact on human health
  • Feasibility of the idea
  • Thoroughness of approach
  • Identification of key resources and plan to further idea

Areas of Interest

  • New Treatment Protocols
  • New Health Technologies
  • New medical device
  • New preventive approach
  • New consumer product
  • New community health approach