Impact from Within

6 months. 20 students. 1 Fellowship. Change Your World.

The award-winning School for Social Entrepreneurs Ontario is a leader in helping people start and grow ventures aimed at creating social change. We train and support entrepreneurs with vision for a solution to a social or environmental issue.

But what if you want to be a change agent, and don’t want to start your own venture? What if you like the company or organization where you work, but still want to make a positive change in your community? We have a program designed for social change agents just like you.

The Social Intrapreneur Fellowship (SIF) is a program like no other in Canada.

SIF is designed for people who wish to create positive social change from within their organization.  If this describes you, you may be a Social Intrapreneur – the close cousin of the Social Entrepreneur.

Through SIF’s 6-month intensive program, you’ll be inspired by people already working as social intrapreneurs around the globe to develop skills you’ll need to be an effective change agent within your organization.

SSE has a finely-tuned, and award-winning approach to supporting social change leaders. Our program includes:

  • A self-directed, practical, and creative learning environment;
  • Practical sessions with experienced social innovators and subject matter experts who will help you learn about topics like social impact, human-centred design, systems thinking, pitching, innovative business models, communications, and coaching to tackle complex problems through our hallmark Action Learning Teams; and,
  • A dynamic network of fellow social intrapreneurs in Canada and around the globe through our involvement in the League of Intrapreneurs to provide inspiration, encouragement, and connection through the Fellowship and beyond.

Learn more about our program here.

How do I apply?

Click the button – it’s that easy. Applications are due July 22