In 2013, RSA UK established a three-year partnership with the School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) in London, UK, and extended the relationship to SSE Ontario in Canada a year later.

Both RSA and SSE on both sides of the Atlantic have positively benefited from this unique collaboration. The video above illustrates this flourishing collaboration and gives a glimpse into how a major corporation and a school like SSE work together in fruitful cooperation:

Senior Vice President, Human Resources Mark Edgar Mark Edgar took advantage of the celebratory mood at SIF’s graduation to confirm RSA’s commitment to SSE as lead corporate sponsor.  Speaking on behalf of RSA, he said:

Mark Edgar, Senior Vice President for Human Resources, RSA Canada addresses the Social Intrapreneur Fellowship Graduation

“As I’ve mentioned in the past, RSA’s collaboration with SSE is rooted in our heritage as a business founded to meet a social need, providing protection to people and businesses. Working with the School for Social Entrepreneurs offers us not only a great opportunity to support community leaders who are reducing risks associated with social inequality and environmental stress, but also an opportunity to develop insights into the needs of small businesses and the fast growing social enterprise industry. And now getting to support social intrapreneurs, a new type of social corporate leader, represents an exciting opportunity for RSA to learn from these individuals and inspire our own people to pursue having an impact from within.”

Four SIF ’16-’17 fellows had RSA mentors. RSA has also mentored many students from SSE’s social entrepreneurial stream of programs including the Social Entrepreneur Fellowship and Hook it Up.

In addition, RSA will continue to provide expert training sessions to SSE students in 2017 such as the popular and established presentations “Insurance 101 for Social Entrepreneurs” and “Financial Management 101”. This year, RSA will introduce a new marketing presentation for social entrepreneurs.

Reacting to the good news, Marjorie Brans, Managing Director, School for Social Entrepreneurs Ontario said: “Our collaboration with RSA has enabled us to raise the bar on social impact. We’re leveraging the stellar expertise and financial backing of a company that holds the values of social and environmental sustainability at its core. In addition to providing us much needed funds, the engagement of RSA staff helps ground our students in the ‘real’ world of business while supporting the creation of bottom up social and economic change. We are delighted to call RSA our lead corporate sponsor.”

RSA’s collaboration with SSE falls under its Thriving Communities corporate responsibility pillar which focuses on educating and inspiring future talent, supporting social entrepreneurs and dedicating time to causes its employees are passionate about.

SSE Ontario is deeply grateful for RSA’s generous and unabiding support.