“This is Canada’s time,” says Laura Buhler, C100’s Executive Director. “This year marks Canada’s 150th Anniversary and as we celebrate this milestone, C100 hopes to inspire the next wave of Canadian entrepreneurs to have a monumental impact on the nation’s future.”

In light of the celebration, the theme for this year’s 48Hrs in the Valley summer and winter programs will be, “The Future of ___”, with “TED-Talk”-style talks on “The Future of Talent Acquisition” to “The Future of Machine Learning” and it’s implications on business in Canada and abroad. Talks will also include practical tips for raising a Series A and advice from a CTO on building an engineering team. Additionally, participants will be matched with mentors from the C100 Charter Member community to offer support, feedback and encouragement and a tighter bond with the C100 community we hope will continue for many years to come.  Program details will include a “Founder to Founder” discussion on lessons learned and practical advice on navigating Silicon Valley, intensive workshop sessions, and pitch development workshop and competition with VC firms in attendance. Finally, each company will have scheduled VC meetings and will have the opportunity to network with one another and the broader C100 community.

“C100 is a collection of great minds,” said Tiam Korki, Co-Founder of Pressboard, a 48Hrs December 2016 Alumni company. He continued, “[these are] people with really large ambitions who are coming together to help each other and to essentially create the next generation of great companies from Canada.”

The 48Hrs in the Valley program has been running semi-annually since 2010 in San Francisco & Silicon Valley. Notable 48Hrs alumni companies include Wealthsimple (‘15), Financeit (‘12), Clearpath Robotics (‘14), Figure 1 (‘13), Kik (‘10), Payfirma (‘12), and many more. In order to apply, companies must be nominated by a C100 Partner, Charter Member, or a 48Hrs alumni company, or a C100 Ambassador. Applications will be officially open on March 20th, when nominated companies will receive an application link from C100. Founders may also contact C100 for more information here.

About C100:

C100 is non-profit, member-driven association of Canadian business leaders based in the San Francisco Bay Area. These investors, senior corporate leaders and successful entrepreneurs form a dynamic group of patriots dedicated to giving back to the Canadian innovation community and fostering the next generation of successful entrepreneurs and innovative companies in Canada. They do this through programs, such as CEO Summit and 48Hrs in the Valley, and through consultation with corporate leaders and policy-makers to provide key insights so Canadians can build world-class companies where we need them: in Canada. We bring “The Best of Silicon Valley to Accelerate Canada’s Innovation Economy”.