Here is a snippet from this insightful post:

“Not all water issues come down to scarcity. And that's why looking north to Canada could also provide some inspiration when it comes to technologies to treat water (and ways to save energy in the process), tools for finding and fixing leaks, faster processes for testing water and software for analyzing important water data.”

The Ontario delegation was equally impressed by California's own innovations, particularity Orange County's Groundwater Replenishment System.

The Ontario delegation included:

WaterTAP: Non-profit accelerator for water technology companies in Ontario.

ZENON: A water treatment company purchased in 2006 by GE Water & Process Technologies.

Real Tech: Solutions to monitor water in real-time.

MANTECH: Real-time COD [chemical oxygen demand] monitoring.

WatrHub: An analytics company delivering market intelligence on water and wastewater systems.

This is a great story about sharing knowledge and collaborating for the greater good. We recommend reading the complete article.

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