EMAGIN is helping municipalities proactively manage their water utility systems by providing them with HARVI (a hybrid adaptive real-time virtual intelligence platform).

With HARVI, water utility operators are able to make smarter operational decisions on the go, and drives down operational costs and risks, while enhancing service reliability and conservation. It is system agnostic, flexible enough to integrate with SCADA systems of water distribution networks (WDN), drinking water treatment plants (DWT), or wastewater treatment (WWT) infrastructure. In Canada, infrastructure goes through a lot during four seasons, and HARVI’s geospatial tab provides real-time visualization of systems, with the ability to filter key water quality or hydraulic parameters – and alerts operators to emergent issues.

EMAGIN is among 12 companies selected from 180 applicants worldwide to participate in Imagine H2O’s 8th Annual Accelerator program. Based in San Francisco, Imagine H2O is the world’s largest water accelerator, pushing innovation in the water sector through its global network of utility and industry partners. This accelerator program will provide EMAGIN with many advantages, including crucial industry exposure, and connections to potential customers.

This will be the first time that EMAGIN travels to Silicon Valley, and they’re eager to sit down 1-on-1 with investors specifically interested in the water sector, and to network at conferences. Upon completing the program, the EMAGIN team will return to the Velocity Garage, where they will receive mentorship and continue to scale their company, leveraging the global connections made through Imagine H2O.

The startup takes a lot of pride in their Kitchener-Waterloo roots, and are looking forward to representing Canada as the only startup from the country in the Imagine H2O’s 8th Annual Accelerator Program.

“Thinking of Canada and all it has done for me, the biggest goal would be to put Canada at the forefront of the water sector.”- Mohamad Vedut