Growing up on his parent’s farm in Guelph, Tomas van Stee became very interested in the energy industry after his parents were locked into an expensive electricity contract for 5 long years. He quickly realized that people are either stuck with rising daytime electricity costs, or are doomed to explore other energy retailers with poor reputations that may take advantage of their customers. There had to be a better option.

Tomas, a bold and confident sole founder, realized that the best way to help customers with this problem was to allow home and small-business owners to group utility plans together, in order to receive similar rates as commercial customers – so he started EnPowered. Equipped with a degree in Actuarial Science and Business, and experience in management consulting, Tomas has been working on EnPowered for just over 1 year and can already offer advice to hopeful young entrepreneurs. He believes a lot of people don’t take the time to investigate the industry they’re getting into:

“People like to find something cool and sexy, and jump on that by building something in a very hot industry. My potentially unorthodox view is that once it’s cool and sexy, you’re too late.” – Tomas van Stee, Founder of EnPowered

His advice to would-be entrepreneurs is to find an industry no one’s talking about or fixing yet, and start there, making sure to conduct thorough research beforehand. Within EnPowered’s short life, it has already pivoted from a cost comparison platform to a group-buying service for energy. Tomas has been working out of the Velocity Garage for 5 months now, and admits that this office space is infinitely better than his parent’s basement. Being a sole founder has its difficulties and perks, but even though he’s working long hours, he enjoys the experience, and being part of a community of startups.

“Working within Velocity’s growing walls and being surrounded by people working on similar problems has made the world of difference. Just being part of an ecosystem like this has been immensely helpful,” shares Tomas.

EnPowered launched on May 1st, just as hydro rates increased in Ontario, and are set to continue increasing over the next few years. With their recent launch, EnPowered is ready to radically change the energy industry, and its first step is to prove that their platform works in Ontario. Tomas notes that the Ontario market is highly regulated, with hidden rules that most don’t realize, making it a lot harder to actually help the customer. Knowing this reality, Tomas claims that if it works here, it can work anywhere. He then plans to expand all across Canada, and the United States.


“We can save users in Ontario up to 15% on their electricity bill, with markets in the Unites States saving much, much more. Residential customers in Texas pay 50% more than commercial customers, so the margins are huge with much more substantial markets.” EnPowered wants to let customers have control over their energy usage and if you’re a small to medium-sized company, there’s a good chance that EnPowered can save you money. If you do run a business and pay high energy bills, check it out.