As such, the ICUBE team decided it would be a good opportunity for high school kids to also gain similar experiences.

Not only will high school students be allowed to participate in Mississauga’s first high school led hackathon, but students will also be provided the opportunity to demonstrate their passion and skills for coding.

What do you need?

You don’t have to be an expert, but you do need some basic knowledge at coding.Students at any skill level may participate- you just have to be interested in computer science.

How does it work?

The theme of this year’s event is “school pains”. Selected participants will be presented with a problem related to school pains and will be challenged to build a prototype that solves that problem. Pretty easy, right? Individuals will then present their solution(s) to a panel judges to compete for some awesome prizes!

Gear up for February 18th

Here are some things you may wish to take note of during the event:

  • Individuals may participate on their own. However, a maximum of up to 4 people is allowed in a team.
  • The event is free (apart from transportation), and both high school and university students are encourage to join
  • Individuals are expected to bring their own laptops, chargers and anything else they may need to compete
  • First time attending a Hackathon? We’ll pair you up with a mentor!

Fraser Hacks is a great opportunity for the younger generation to demonstrate their potential. It is an event where students hone their skills and compete creatively in order to solve problems. Not only will you have a great time meeting other hackathoners, but you’ll also get the chance to exchange ideas and have a wonderful learning experience…all this with free food!

The event will take place on February 18th at Spigel Hall, UTM. As such, participants who are interested in applying should do so by February 5th through the ticketing site on Eventbrite. For more information, you may visit or their event’s page.

See you there and good luck!

  • Entry fee: free
  • Venue: Spigel Hall UTM