Written by Marcus Daniels

Highline BETA partners with leading corporations to co-create startups, but we also invest at the pre-seed stage into startups that are deeply connected with and committed to enabling innovation at corporations. With MedStack, we believe there is an opportunity with the corporations and partners we’re working with in the Healthcare industry to build and drive healthcare transformation via world-class patient-centric applications at scale. Our venture acceleration work with MedStack will help close their pre-seed round, expand their orientation to serve large organizations and help them do significant distribution deals.


Digital technologies open a massive opportunity to address the urgent pressures being faced by the healthcare industry — real-time data access and machine learning, messaging, remote sensors powered by IoT and wearables — all leading to better care decisions, faster discovery and lower operational costs. However, developing next generation healthcare applications is broken: providing health data privacy compliance, supporting healthcare workflows, and facilitating enterprise system integration across fragmented legacy infrastructures is incredibly expensive and difficult to do.

MedStack has a platform feature set and development roadmap today to solve these difficult real-world problems with a holistic cloud service that is already the only one targeting both US and Canadian privacy regulation compliance simultaneously.


The ultimate vision is to power an ecosystem of patient, provider and caregiver health apps in the web, mobile, IoT and wearables technology verticals that are organized by condition and clinical inquiry, backed by research and medical reviews. MedStack has made tremendous progress from their initial concept in 2015, to systematically building critical components of their platform based on input and direct feedback from key developer communities and hospital innovation leads. As a result, their core security platform and building blocks are built and live in the market.

Today, MedStack is an end-to-end developer platform for healthcare apps, effectively bringing the app ecosystem to healthcare via a compliant cloud layer paired with pre-written privacy policies and a unified cross-system healthcare data model. Unlike competitors, MedStack goes beyond a storage / database service to bring everything required to enable better, faster and more effective patient care via focused apps that leverage hardware-software integration, data analytics and more.

Traction on the platform is ramping up with the most discerning developer groups and now is the right time to onboard leading healthcare organizations. Applications powered by MedStack range from chronic care management to healthcare billing to medical research, from neonatal to senior care, from Web apps to wearables. MedStack helps smaller app companies and works with hospitals and other enterprises to help those organizations adopt and integrate third-party apps at scale, without compromising their critical security and data control standards.


What excites us most about MedStack is the founders. They’re the right team to go after this opportunity. Simon and Balaji are serial entrepreneurs, platform development experts, and have valuable experience working at global platform corporations.

Simon Woodside is the visionary behind the platform with a rich career in software development, especially in the areas of digital security and healthcare technologies. With a degree in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo in hand, he ventured off to start his career working under Steve Jobs at Apple as a program manager on the Core OS team. Since Apple, he has launched three companies including Semacode, the world’s first downloadable QR code reader. He founded Monolith Apps, which helped build the iPhone version of Kik and enterprise grade applications for GM and other corporates. Monolith also had a significant practice building healthcare applications, which led him to identify and pursue the problem that MedStack is now solving.

Balaji Gopalan is a career product manager and recognized expert in building software platform ecosystems. One of his proudest achievements comes as lead Product Manager of the original skunkworks team that built and launched BBM at BlackBerry, and turned it into both a global phenomenon and a platform. Also, as a renowned evangelist, he has led platform businesses and built ecosystem strategies for Nymi, D2L and EventMobi.

Both Simon and Balaji are deeply entrenched with developer communities as advisors, meetup leaders and speakers, which gives them an edge in understanding the intricacies of supporting those communities.

We’re excited to be supporting this dynamic product-oriented duo as they make an impact in transforming healthcare innovation globally.

Visit them at MedStack.co and follow progress announcements @MedStack.