WATERLOO, ON and BOSTON, MA (January 18, 2017) – HockeyTech, the worldwide leader in providing hockey-related technologies, analytics, and information services, today announced an extension to their partnership agreement with the United States Hockey League (USHL). The USHL, the nation’s only sanctioned Tier I junior hockey league, and its member teams will benefit through both enhancements of HockeyTech’s existing technologies and new products as they launch.

HockeyTech will continue to deliver Live Scoring and Advanced Statistics, League and Team Operations, and Live Webcasting and On-Demand Archiving solutions to the league and its member teams.

Additionally, the USHL will benefit from other HockeyTech initiatives, including seamless data integration across services, cloud-based broadcast management (including running clock overlays), automated game previews/game summaries, and customized scouting information on players in the league and players eligible for the NHL Draft.

“The ability to communicate to and with our primary constituents is critical,” said Bob Fallen, President and Commissioner of the USHL. “The products offered by HockeyTech help to power our game broadcasts, statistics, player database, mobile app, and website platforms. We are excited to continue our partnership with HockeyTech and endeavor to expand our communication capabilities to players, coaches, scouts, and fans.”

That the partnership between HockeyTech and the USHL features many interoperable technologies is a reward felt by both the producers and the users of the technologies in play.

“We are humbled that the USHL has chosen HockeyTech as a partner to take them into the future of technology,” said Marc Ruskin, President of HockeyTech. “It’s rewarding for us to gain validation from an existing partner that we are doing things right – our focus on integrating our core products is clearly paying off and will be the cornerstone to our partners’ successes moving forward.”

As a way to celebrate this partnership extension, HockeyTV, a HockeyTech service and the definitive destination to watch hockey online, has announced USHL Free on HockeyTV. Fans can enjoy a full weekend of USHL games streaming free from January 27, 2017 to January 29, 2017.

“Offering a free weekend on HockeyTV for the USHL is a small token of our appreciation for the league, teams, and fans,” said Ruskin. “We want to do our part in exposing this great brand to as many people as possible across the globe.”

USHL Free on HockeyTV features an entire weekend of USHL broadcasts – most in HD – made available to watch free as they air live on ushl.hockeytv.com. Viewers can create an account on HockeyTV using just their name and contact information with no credit card required.

HockeyTV broadcasts more than 20,000 live hockey games every season, including all USHL games, events, and the Clark Cup Playoffs. HockeyTV also features an ever-growing library of more than 100,000 games on-demand and can be streamed on a computer, tablet, mobile, or OTT device such as Roku or Apple TV. Learn more about HockeyTV at www.hockeytv.com. Learn more about all of HockeyTech’s services at www.hockeytech.com.

About HockeyTech
HockeyTech is the worldwide leader in providing hockey-related technologies, analytics, and information services. HockeyTech was founded in 2013 by Stu Siegel, a technology entrepreneur and former Florida Panthers (NHL) Managing Partner/CEO, through a series of acquisitions. While HockeyTech is a new corporate identity, HockeyTech’s brands have been providing cutting-edge solutions for the hockey world since 1998. For more information, visit www.hockeytech.com.

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About the United States Hockey League (USHL)
Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, the USHL celebrates its 15th season as the nation’s only Tier I junior hockey league in 2016-17. 30 or more players from the USHL have been selected in four consecutive NHL Drafts, and more than 400 players on team rosters last season committed to NCAA Division I schools, further establishing the USHL as the world’s foremost producer of junior hockey talent. For more information, visit www.ushl.com.

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United States Hockey League (USHL)
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