Written by Amira Zubairi

At ResolveTO, attendees could network and gain access to opportunities like partnerships, financing, and customer development. The event featured a Startup Stage that focused on issues affecting startups and anyone who wants to think like a startup.

Just like Startupfest, one of the highlights of the event include the several pitch prizes, including its flagship $100,000 investment prize, as well as partnership opportunities.

Here’s the list of ResolveTO’s winners:

  • Startupfest $100k Investment Prize:
    Intelocate – A soon-to-launch startup that provides a “communication and execution platform for multi-site businesses,” according to its website
  • On-Stage Pitch Prize:

    Beagle – Uses AI to streamline the contract review process by highlighting key information and providing a real-time collaboration platform

  • CBC Media Prize:

    Dash MD – A mobile app that helps patients track, manage, and find the care they need once they’ve left the hospital

    Weave Got It Canada – Offers high-quality Brazilian, Cambodian, Peruvian, and Malaysian hair extensions and wigs

  • Highline Beta:

    MedStack – A cloud-based platform that allows developers to easily create healthcare apps

  • StartUP HERE’s Business BOT Challenge:

    Success.ai – A conversational platform that automates the way customers interact with companies

  • Mercedes-Benz with the DMZ:

    DataChilli – Allows users to explore, organize, collaborate, transform, join, and combine data seamlessly
    Visbrain – Works with companies to extract insights from data and build a long-term solution
    Beam Messenger – A real-time messenging app that allows users to retract messages, and see what friends are typing as they type it

  • Fujitsu with the DMZ:

    iMirror by Nobal – A high-tech mirror that allows customers to personalize their experience

  • Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship:

    Not yet announced

  • IBM:

    Rewordly – Allows users to makes articles or web PDFs ‘editable’ to highlight and annotate

  • TWG:

    Acerta – A platform that detects anomalies in machine learning data

  • MaRS Future of Work Challenge:


  • Rogers:

    Humi – A cloud-based platform that allows users to manage different aspects of HR in one platform

  • Thomson Reuters + The Globe and Mail:

    Zoom.ai – Automated virtual assistants that allows employees to schedule meetings and travel logistics


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