Abdullah Snobar of the DMZ and Cam Fowler of BMO discuss the financial landscape in Canada.

Below is Cam Fowler’s, Group Head of Canadian Banking, BMO, take on our partnership and how the program is going so far.

This past April, BMO announced a new partnership with the DMZ. So why has one of the largest Canadian banks joined up with the leading university-based innovation incubator in North America? The answer is simple: partnering is an excellent way to bring the best experience to our customers.

Banks must continue to move quickly in a market that is adapting to digital capabilities. Customer expectations have increased and this introduces new opportunities and operating models. BMO has focused on empowering customers to bank how they want, where they want and when they want. We’re bringing customer-focused solutions to market more quickly than ever before.

So where do partnerships with groups like the DMZ fit in? First, we share a focus on supporting the entrepreneurial community and building momentum to make Canada a global leader in innovation. Through the DMZ we can stay current and be a part of helping fresh ideas gain scale. Together we have broader reach across geographies and industries through our joint strengths — ours in the financial services industry, matched with the technologies of these start-ups.

This is a partnership that benefits both our customers and community — we’re stronger together. Our collaboration will help us maintain pace with the evolving needs of customers and ensures that the next big idea gets the support it needs to become a reality.


The DMZ is a leading business incubator for tech startups in Canada. They help startups build great businesses by connecting them with customers, capital, experts and a community of entrepreneurs and influencers.

The DMZ is a partner in StartUp Here Toronto.