Written by Amira Zubairi

That’s where SnapTravel, the latest pitch on The Disruptors, comes in. SnapTravel allows users to book hotels at discounted rates through SMS, Facebook Messenger, and Slack. The half-bot, half-human service goes back and forth with users about the city they’re travelling to, the dates, and their budget to provide them with the best hotel options.

“If you see a hotel you like, you can click on it and complete a book just as you would with a regular online site,” said Hussein Fazal, the co-founder and CEO at SnapTravel. “Our goal is to be the primary destination for anyone who wants to book a hotel.”

Co-host Bruce Croxon says he’s noticed a peak in companies trying to disrupt the travel industry to drive prices lower. He says you shouldn’t “bet against” Fazal, who is a second-time entrepreneur.

“He’s figured out how to mine Facebook and if you learn how to do that well, it can deliver you a whole pile of customers at a very acceptable cost and nobody I’ve seen is better at it than he.”

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