Velocity startup Babylon VR knows this, and is enabling users to visualize, and interact with a potential home using wearable virtual reality devices like Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift. With their app, you can virtually walk around an apartment as if you were actually there, and can manipulate objects within the space. The benefits of this are two-fold; consumers are now able to personalize their space, while developers avoid showroom costs, and have increased upsell potential.

“What makes virtual reality such an exciting, and powerful tool is its ability to transport people into new environments with astounding realism.” – Jack Liu, CEO

The Babylon VR team joined the Velocity Garage just over a year ago, and briefly left to be a part of Communitech Edge. The team of three have since returned to the Garage to focus on growth, and to work on their first major project with K2 Condos in Uptown Waterloo. The upscale K2 Condos development will include two towers, with tower one to soar 21 storeys high, becoming one of the tallest residential buildings in the uptown core. Through Babylon VR, potential buyers can virtually experience the stylish suites that have yet to be built, as well as the building’s outdoor terrace, and theatre room.

Babylon VR
Photo courtesy of Babylon VR.

As virtual reality continues to become more well known, and as hardware improves, the trio hopes to span internationally.

“North America is our playground, but we plan to expand to China, the rest of Asia, and eventually Europe”.