The IBM Innovation Incubator Project is a partnership between Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), IBM, SOSCIP, and the Government of Ontario.

As Partnership Coordinator for IBM Innovation Incubator Project, OCE oversees program delivery, working with IBM and SOSCIP to provide SMEs in Ontario with technological resources, physical space and expertise to help them to grow their businesses.

As the Anchor technology firm on this initiative, IBM will be contributing $24.75 million towards the success of the project. It will use its extensive resources, supply chain and enterprise customers to help SMEs grow and succeed in a global marketplace by fostering collaborations, attracting new talent, accessing export markets, and better supporting  skills development and training.

SOSCIP, a research and development consortium that pairs academic and industry researchers with advanced computing tools to fuel Canadian innovation, will provide post-doctoral fellows unique training experiences in advanced computing and analytics technologies and industrial research through the SOSCIP-TalentEdge Post-doctoral Fellowship Program.

This program is supported by the Ontario government with over $22 million in funding through its Jobs and Prosperity Fund – Strategic Partnership Stream.


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