Successful candidates will receive up to $4,000 Cdn in reimbursable expenses to help offset travel and accommodation costs. Companies landing at a co-working space, accelerator or incubator will also have the costs associated with workspace covered for up to three months. Both the location and the specific landing facility are always determined by the company based on their business needs and market pull.

Is the Soft Landing program right for you?

Revenue-generating Canadian technology startups and SMEs looking to grow their customer base, open a satellite office, develop distribution channels or partnerships or secure investment abroad are strong candidates for this program. The program does not support travel for events, conferences, trade shows or trade missions.

Qualification Criteria

  • Must be a Canadian technology startup or SME
  • Your product or service must be launched and market ready
  • Company must have existing revenues
  • Can demonstrate a strong probability of growing jobs, closing sales or securing investment as a result of the landing
  • Can clearly identify who you will meet with and the expected outcome of those meetings (for example revenue or investment in $ amounts)


The Soft Landing program is administered through the CDMN hub network. Companies are strongly encouraged to work with their local hub when applying to the program. Hub representatives can provide advice and are consulted during the application process. Applicants will be evaluated based on several criteria, including revenue generation over the last 12 months, current state of the business and/or product and the viability of proclaimed goals and objectives. Companies that located in a region without a CDMN hub partner are still welcome to apply.

Alternatively, please contact Laurie Maier, Network Relations Coordinator at CDMN to learn more about this great opportunity.


The deadline to apply is May 14, 2017 at midnight.


Q: When are applications being accepted and when should I plan to land?
A: Below is the program cohort schedule. To receive notifications of all future calls for applications, sign up for the Rendezvous newsletter and follow us on Twitter @cdmn.

Participants in the program have up to three months to incur expenses.  We encourage you to apply to the cohort that aligns with the timeframe of your landing date.

  Applications open* Landing timeframe
Summer cohort   May 1 – 14, 2017 June – August
Fall cohort July 31 – August 13, 2017 September – November
Winter cohort October 30 – November 12, 2017 December- February
Spring cohort January 29 – February 11, 2018 March – May

*dates subject to change

Q: What is the application process like for the Soft Landing program and what should I expect?
A: The application process for Soft Landing program is straightforward and simple. If possible, be sure to connect with a CDMN hub and advise them of your interest in the program. During a call for applications, you can find a link to the application form on the cdmn website. After your application has been submitted, a CDMN team member will only contact you if there are any questions or more information is required. Applicants that reach the final stage of evaluation will have their mentors consulted by the CDMN team to discuss the company’s goals for their landing.

Q: Do I have to land at a co-working space, incubator or accelerator centre?
A: To participate in the Soft Landing program it is not a requirement to make use of co-working space. However, there are many advantages such as collaboration, networking and mentorship that come along with working at one of these spaces. Access to desks and meeting rooms can also be beneficial when arranging meetings with clients. For these reasons, companies are encouraged to take advantage of this part of the program.

Q: What expenses are covered and how does the reimbursement process work?
A: Reimbursable expenses include transportation and accommodation costs incurred to complete your business activity in the market you have been approved for. This includes airfare, ground transportation and hotel costs. Please note that meals cannot be submitted as reimbursable expenses. Companies are encouraged to contact CDMN prior to incurring expenses if they are unsure whether the expense meets the reimbursement criteria. It should be noted that all claimed expenses must be accompanied by receipts and where applicable, credit card statements. Expense qualification is determined solely by CDMN. Expenses will only be reimbursed after the travel as occurred.

Once you have been approved for your landing, have completed the Program Agreement and have received a signed copy in return from CDMN, you can begin incurring expenses that support your landing such as booking flights. CDMN will provide you with a copy of an expense reimbursement form and instructions on how to complete the form. You should submit the completed form and the accompanying receipts to the CDMN team member as instructed in your acceptance email. Expenses must be claimed no later than 120 days after the initial departure from Canada and should be submitted either electronically or via hardcopy. Expense reimbursement will be fulfilled via cheque in Canadian dollars in a timely manner through Canada Post regular mail or other means deemed appropriate by CDMN.

Q: I have completed my landing and am interested in landing in another market. Can I reapply?
A: The maximum number of times a company can participate in the program is twice. Companies that have already taken part in one Soft Landing are welcome to reapply to the program, once their previous participation has been closed out with a CEO  letter of support.


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