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Agile Offices has created Toronto’s first, designed from the beginning, Business Centre to offer a truly hybrid facility where significant amounts of private office space exists alongside significant Co-Working space, in an "A" class building downtown.

We chose the Eaton Centre because we wanted to offer our clients a prestigious address that they can be proud of.

Agile Offices was created by entrepreneurs who know what it’s like to build businesses. Our desire is to give our clients the same types of services and value for money that we were looking for when we built our business. The outcome of this thought process was that we had to give people options that they could use and choices in how they built their business. In other words, the agility to stay up with the speed of business.

Prime Eaton Centre Location with Yonge Street address. Be at the centre of it all! Here are just a few benefits of this world class address:

  • Actually located in the Eaton Centre complete with an inside storefront entrance right beside Roots near Sears.
  • an iconic Canadian landmark known not only in Canada but is known world wide.
  • Equally iconic is Yonge Street. A street name known to all and part of the Guinness Book of world records.
  • automatically impart a powerful prestige image
  • You are immediately associated with high end merchandise and urban affluence.
  • You target market immediately puts you in league with high end players – instant credibility
  • Convenient short walk, subway, or cab ride from many thousands of potential customers.
  • Attached to the PATH, Toronto’s network of underground pathways. Many buildings in the financial core and even Union Station are within an easy “weather free” walk. Steps away from 3 subway stops

The Agile Edge

The main strategy behind Agile Offices is to design from the ground up an optimal balance between walled, cubicle, and open desk Co-working space which to our knowledge has never been done before in the GTA in a traditional A class building. By effectively combining these different structures under one roof we will be giving the customer something they prize very highly, choice or options. We believe the office user of the future will seek to maximize the one common element that ever developing technologies offer them and that is, more choices, so much so that choice will come to be seen as an entitlement and those that can not offer it sufficiently will be left behind.

This idea of choice as an entitlement will pervade everything we do at Office Options, we will seek to offer the most options in pricing, in rental terms and conditions, in the services we offer and how we offer them, in short, in everything the Business Centre of tomorrow can offer. This will separate us from the pack and provide the sustainable competitive advantage that will ensure our long term success.



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