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Canadian International Innovation Program: Research Collaboration Fund


Toronto, ON, Canada


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The Canadian International Innovation Program (CIIP)supports collaborative research and development projects that lead to the commercialization of new products, processes, or services. As opposed to other collaborative research and development programs that businesses can receive funding support with, CIIP seeks to match Canadian businesses with international partners to achieve synergistic benefits.

The program will provide companies increased access to Canadian government funding and innovative solutions by:

  1. Providing up to 50% of product development or commercialization costs to a maximum $600,000 per project;
  2. Stimulating networking/matchmaking activities to cultivate new partnerships between Canadian and international business partners; and
  3. Encouraging public and private sector participants to bring science and technology expertise and funds of their own to enhance the research partnership.

Canadian businesses should consider accessing this international research and development program to enhance their project and accelerate its completion. By working in collaboration with international partners, Canadian firms can ensure their solution is well developed, the technology has been verified, and can begin commercialization.

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