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Education Through Media is a youth-led organization that suPports those interested in the creative and technically fields. The Dolobox Television Initiative uses information and communications technologies alongside citizen journalism to provide youth from anywhere in Canada and from all backgrounds with an outlet to create, edit and air youth-developed media content relating to social justice, advocacy, entrepreneurship and financial literacy as well as to other issues of vital interest to Canadian youth. The footage is then shared with other Canadian youth across the country through various media including mainstream media, broadcast on cable providers nationally, online at www.dolobox.tv and through a base of television networks powered by partners of the initiative. A multi-faceted start-up space being developed right now in downtown Toronto, the Startup Labs will serve the needs of high-potential young entrepreneurs, and advance the technology and digital media startup ecosystem in Toronto. The laboratory will not only be a place in which to collaborate, but also take advantage of a new kind of learning-by-doing. Through our curriculum, entrepreneurs will receive a pragmatic and multi-disciplinary education at the intersection of design, technology, and entrepreneurship.

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