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Founders Fuse


Joe Velacich, Managing Director
1555 Wentworth St #200,Whitby,ON, Canada
(416) 996-7331


Our focus at Founders Fuse is to understand the problems startups are attempting to solve from a customer-centric perspective and then support these startups building the right solutions to those customer problems and market needs. The implementation of rapid customer feedback iterations and our constant focus on revenue results in much earlier revenue traction than generally exhibited by most accelerators and incubators.

The Founders Fuse Accelerator does not follow the normal cohort signup to bring in startups as a group, but rather brings them in on-demand. Each startup will spend time in each of three business accelerator phases: Launch Phase, Proving Phase and the Growth Phase. With programs are based on Sales, Cash Flow, Product Development and Culture, we focus on creating business results, and not on “vanity metrics”. Founders Fuse is also not fixated on timelines. If a startup needs more time in a particular module or phase, it will be given that, however, twelve months is the maximum term. This change on the fly can be done because the startups will have the program customized to their unique needs. Plus, without a specific intake date and fixed graduation date, it does not throw schedules off-track if a startup needs more or less time to go through each of the phases.

This customer traction provides key proof points to investors that the startup is likely to be successful. Once a startup has established the ability to generate repeatable revenue for its product from customers, then follow on funding can be used to expand and scale the business.

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