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Genesis: UJA’s Center for Jewish Innovation


Alana Kayfetz, Director
4600 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON, Canada
(416) 635-2883 ext. 5311


What is Genesis: UJA Federation's Centre for Jewish Innovation? Genesis aims to enhance Toronto’s Jewish community by nurturing Jewish non-profit initiatives as well as the personal career mentoring of young adults. Genesis will be drawing on the expertise of our diverse and multi-talented community members to accomplish these goals.

What are the activities of the Centre for Jewish Innovation? Genesis has previously hosted 4 growing Jewish non-profits in a collaborative office space. While Genesis can only physically house a limited number of organizations, Genesis will engage and collaborate with established and sustained Jewish non-profits to offer a range of emerging and growing Jewish organizations and social entrepreneurs the following opportunities:

  • Mentorship Increased organizational profile
  • Capacity building workshops
  • Technical assistance

How do I fit in?

Non-Profits: Genesis aims to engage and strengthen the non-profits in the Greater Toronto Jewish community by working with volunteer and professional leaders through the following three points of entry:

  • All Nonprofit Leaders are invited to training workshops on topics such as fundraising, marketing, and social enterprise.
  • Growing Non-profits are invited to apply for residency at Genesis.
  • Established and Sustained Non-profit Leaders and Private Sector Experts are encouraged to offer their wisdom and experience through mentorsh
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