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Healthcare is expensive – in Canada we spend over 10 percent of our GDP on it. While much of that expense goes to world-class, life-saving equipment and expertise, a lot of it also leaks out through gaps in efficiency.

Have you noticed anything in the healthcare system you think could be improved? Become part of the solution: we want to hear from you! We’re aiming to improve healthcare delivery with youth ingenuity – to devise smarter, more efficient and more effective health solutions, while reducing delivery costs.

The GTA is one of the largest health science hubs in the world. Dozens of hospitals, tens of thousands of people and billions in research dollars is the backdrop to a health-care system that is feeling the strains of an aging population, increasing costs and a demand for novel approaches to health that move beyond intervention to personalized evidence-based health and care.

At the heart of this innovation engine are ideas—some simple, some complex, some individual, some collaborative. Ideas form the seeds of innovation. But not every idea is a good idea; not every good idea is a workable idea; not every workable idea can be developed into an innovation; not every innovation can become sustainable or scalable. It takes thousands of ideas to create hundreds of projects, to create dozens of startups to create a few viable innovations.

The HealthEDGE Initiative was born from a need to catalyze more ideas around real and current problems with the health-care system to fuel the massive health science innovation engine that has been created in the GTA. HealthEDGE is a platform for change, but it starts with people; people who see challenges, gaps, leaks, bugs, problems, and opportunities.

We asked the community to submit bugs, gaps, problem opportunities or challenges. We reviewed those and posted three challenge areas:

  • Healthcare Delivery and the Patient Experience
  • Rapid Diagnostics and Monitoring
  • Training and Culture

Now its up to the community to come up with solutions.

How can you get involved?

  • Join us March 3 for a Challenge Design Brief session, hear from local experts, meet other interested innovators, find out about the HealthEdge Initiative ( Register )
  • Sign up for our mailing list for updates (see the sidebar)
  • Brainstorm with us on March 19 at the Design Jam, meet local expert mentors, find other interested collaborators, and draft your Pitch ( Register )
  • Submit your Pitch on by March 23 for a chance to pitch to the Expert Panel and receive one of the 6 available $5000 fellowship awards (See the Terms and Conditions for eligibility. Not eligible?  Join a team and help them win.)
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