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Innovation Solutions Program: Earth observation images processing and management system



September 17, 2018


The large volume of EO data available in Canada and abroad and the high rate at which these data must be updated for disease risk assessment exceeds the information management information technology (IMIT) capacity and technologies currently available in-house. As the need for high volume data on factors affecting health (environmental, climatic, socio-economic) increases both domestically and internationally, the PHAC is continuously challenged to maintain access in timely, reliable and accurate manner with EO data.

The pre-processed data and GT system would help to answer the need for actors engaged in responses to public health priorities and crisis to improve effective and accurate mapping capacities that support: risk assessments and decision-making during health emergency events; risk communication via the supplied ready to analyze images; and, the evaluation of factors affecting health via risk modelling. There is also a need for enhanced ground information for the surveillance of diseases so that greater emphasis can go towards the development of efficient models and tools that make use of EO data to inform decision-makers. Finally, this is a problem beyond PHAC as it applies to a much wider geomatics/EO audience nationally and internationally.

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