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Innovation Solutions Program: Measurement of Cold Spray



September 17, 2018


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Cold Spray metal deposition is a process whereby metal powder (typically in the size range of 1 to 50 um) is accelerated in a supersonic gas jet.  The particles impact a substrate and plastically deform and adhere to the surface to form a coating.  Coating properties and performance such as hardness, density, porosity, mechanical properties will depend mainly on the temperature and velocity of the particles upon impact.  As such, those two parameters are key for coating optimisation and process quality control. Although it is currently possible to measure in-flight particle velocities, there is no available mean to measure in-flight particle temperature.  This limits the R&D work that can be done in the field – as researchers have to rely on partial information to develop their theories and to proceed to process optimization.  The impossibility to measure in-flight particle temperature also limits the reliability of the process – due to a lack of control.

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