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University of Toronto – The Hub


Gray Graffam, Director
1265 Military Trail Toronto, ON M1C 1A4 Canada
416 208 2984


The Hub is U of T Scarborough’s sole innovation and entrepreneurship incubator, where tomorrow’s CEOs create and launch new startups. The Hub accepts students and recent alumni from all disciplines, yet prides itself on its demonstrated strength in environmental science, computer science, and business management.
Startup founders take residence in The Hub, building products and launching ideas, guided through the process by some of Toronto’s best coaches and alumni advisors.
Do you have an idea for a successful startup? Do you need guidance and mentorship in shaping your product or new business idea? Do you need space to work, as a team, in creating your startup? The Hub is designed to help you get started, providing space, mentorship, advice, and access to vital resources to get you going.
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