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Programs that provide businesses with access to capital either in exchange for equity or not


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  • Wesley Clover invests in both private and public businesses within the following industries: Information and Communication Technology, Digital Media and Real Estate or Leisure.
  • The Catalyst Capital Group Inc. (“Catalyst” or the “Firm”) is a private equity investment firm founded in June 2002. Catalyst specializes in control and/or influence investments in distressed and undervalued Canadian situations. The Catalyst team collectively possesses more than 110 years of relevant experience in restructuring, credit markets and merchant and investment banking in both the U.S. and
  • Celtic House Venture Partners is an independent Canadian investment firm. Celtic House has collaborated with management teams and repeat entrepreneurs to develop technology companies from the inception phase through to exit, generating 25 initial public offerings and successful acquisitions.
  • This grant is for borrowing needs of $50,000 or more and has competitive borrowing rates. Applicants can use their Canadian residential property as collateral to meet some or all of business’ borrowing needs.
  • CIBC’s Revolving Line of Credit is designed to assist a business’ short-term financing needs of $ 10000 or more.
  • Small Business Loans from CIBC are designed to help small business purchase fixed assets or help finance a company’s long-term growth, CIBC Small Business Loans are available in any amount over $10,000, with loan rates that are competitive and convenient.
  • CIBC Small Business Overdraft (SBO) provides access to funds for for businesses for their occasional credit needs.
  • Clearspring Capital Partners is one of Canada’s leading private equity firms, with a focus on helping mid-market companies grow to be leaders in their industries.
  • HSBC commercial lines of credit are for small to medium-sized businesses looking to increase inventory, manage changes in cash flow or take advantage of a supplier discount.
  • HSBC commercial loans are available for small to medium-sized businesses to help finance expenditures.
  • Commercial term loans by Desjardins helps to purchase the goods and equipment needed to help any business grow or improve its financial structure.
  • The program component of Conservation Fund supports testing of a new conservation program or specific program element, resulting in the creation of a new conservation program, a new program element or the revision of an existing conservation program. The project must test the concept in a real-world environment and involve suitable partners.