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  • Azure is a San Francisco-based venture capital firm that invests in early stage technology companies. Azure supports its portfolio companies in key aspects such as team building, strategy, operations and governance.
  • BDC can help finance vital growth initiatives, such as developing new products, launching new products, adding e-commerce to the business and upgrading the marketing and promotion strategy.
  • Buying a Business offered by BDC helps to acquire an existing business or a competitor’s or supplier’s business, and offers several long term financing options.
  • BDC Capital offers a full spectrum of specialized financing to match the various stages of business’ growth, including venture capital, equity as well as customized growth and business transition capital.
  • BDC offers financing to upgrade or purchase information and communications technology. Financial aid is in the form of a loan.
  • Toronto Community Housing Corporation’s BE.BUILD.BRAND. is a 12-week entrepreneurship program that provides youth ages 18-29, with mentorship and capacity-building opportunities to equip them with the hard and soft skills needed to turn their ideas into viable business ventures. Phase 1 (BE), business self-assessment and evaluation of business aspirations. Phase 2 (BUILD), focuses on training and development on [...]
  • Birch Hill is a private equity partnership with a point-of-view on how a business should work. Birch Hill invests in companies that have the opportunity to improve their financial performance and enhance their strategic position. They Focus on growth oriented businesses across most industries. They do not invest in real estate, pure commodity companies or start ups.
  • BITS helps young and other low-resource emerging entrepreneurs who face barriers to employment and financing by providing access to business training, micro-financing and peer mentorship. BITS contributes to the overall economic prosperity and improved quality of life of our participants through skill building, business development and community engagement.
  • Business Instincts Group (BIG) is a Calgary-based Venture Creation Firm. BIG is a motivated and cohesive team of specialists across finance, strategic planning, technical development, marketing and operations. They are adept at creating high-potential businesses that achieve rapid, sustainable growth.
  • Hands-on digital marketing training for small businesses, non-profits, and those curious to learn more about technology. Attend one of our relaxed and informative in-person public workshops in Toronto or bring Camp Tech to you by scheduling Group Training for your organization or community.
  • The Canada Small Business Financing Loan is designed to help small businesses purchase, install, renovate and modernize business equipment and other fixed assets.
  • To access this program, all business owners must apply through a participating bank, credit union, or caisse populaire. The Canada Small Business Financing Program provides competitive-rate loans up to $1 million in support of business expansion projects. Applicants of CSBFP are typically startups and early-stage businesses that would find difficulty being approved for loans that are provided directly by financial [...]