Written by Cheng S. Yap

The conference is an inclusive, full day, student centric event with focus on specific topics such as going global and social justice. It brings together over 300 students, faculty members, and external partners of the UofT community.

At the heart of the organization, The Agency UofT labors their support to students who wish to contribute to social change. In addition, the conference also aims to transform students’ perspective on what’s possible at being accomplished; it provides its attendees with the opportunity to continuously explore the fields and facets of Social Innovation.

You can get involved in the Be Bold Conference in three different ways:

  • Attend live at St. George Campus (register here)
  • Attend live streaming of sessions at UofT Mississauga (stop-by ICUBE Maker Space throughout the day – Lower level of Innovation Complex)
  • Attend live lunch networking session with Josh from World Vision Canada and other social innovative staff and students.

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Building Blocks of Success

The University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) is proud to be streaming a ‘live session’ for the Be Bold, Social Innovation conference. This year’s guest speaker, Josh Folkema, is the Business Development Manager and lead of challenges, at World Vision Canada. He will be speaking to approximately 30 students about the type of impact social innovation can have on developing nations. The simulcast will take place from 12:30 pm to 2pm at the ICUBE Space.

The World Vision Canada will be a key partner in the event by presenting a challenge that all students and recent graduates may partake in. The challenge is an entrepreneurship competition that will support some of Canada’s most brilliant minds in creating market based solutions to some of the world’s most difficult development challenges.

Monday, Nov 21 from 12:30 – 2:00pm Josh will be at UTM live to talk with students and showcase some of the Innovation Challenge’s success. Free lunch, networking and a chance to win $50K through a competitive challenge process- not a bad afternoon!

Furthermore, students who participate will not only gain a platform to leverage their creativity. They will also get to develop their business ideas through ideation support, incubation of technical services, seed capital, and the expertise of World Vision Canada to market test their solutions.

Getting involved in the game

In order to leverage one’s opportunity in business development and creativity, The Agency UofT, ICUBE UTM and World Vision Canada, encourages all to participate and attend the conference. The event is free for University of Toronto students across all three campuses.

Register HERE:

  • ICUBE KN2213 UofT Mississauga
  • 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm
  • Free