Written by Madonna Dennis

The app provides a communication and management platform between tenants, landlords, and building managers. Users can share building updates, request maintenance, and book community rooms on the app.

“The foundation of happy communities is strong communication between property managers and residents,” said Grant Yim, CEO and co-founder of Evercondo. “So what we look to do is leverage off of this growing phenomenon and introduce tools that allow these communities to communicate efficiently.”

Last year, Yim said the company was also looking into becoming a platform that can connect any smart devices, such as smart TVs or thermostats, in condos.

Co-host Bruce Croxon said property managers aren’t necessarily scanning the app store looking for ways to manage their buildings, and suggested that the company double down on its marketing strategy to scale quicker. “Somebody has to sell me on it, and that costs money. It’s either a salesperson, it’s either a marketing campaign. It’s massive SEO. In order to scale quickly, you’ve got to get the sales and marketing engine cranked,” said Croxon.

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